In 2013-2014 a few leading scientists expressed their interest to the unique properties of Gynura.

Phytochemical composition study and clinical trials have been carried out, first article is here (in Russian).

We’re developing and testing new Gynura products. Read more about the Research Team

Overview of medicinal properties:

Antidiabetic properties:

Immune System impact:

Oncoprotective activities:

  • Airlangga University - Anticarcinogenesis effect of Gynura procumbens (Lour) Merr on tongue carcinogenesis in 4NQO-induced rat
  • Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine - Gynura procumbens modulates the microtubules integrity and enhances distinct mechanism on doxorubicin and 5-flurouracil-induced breast cancer cell death


  • CLINICS 2011 - Gynura procumbens Merr. decreases blood pressure in rats by vasodilatation via inhibition of calcium channels
  • Journal of Medicinal Food - Antihypertensive Effects of Gynura procumbens Extract in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

Reproductive activities:

Antioxidantal and nutrition properties:


  • Korean J Physiol Pharmacol - Inhibitory Effects of an Aqueous Extract of Gynura procumbens on Human Mesangial Cell Proliferation

Anti-inflammatory properties:

Skin diseases and wound healing:

Phytochemical composition:

Our research team

Head of the Research Program

Bogdan Gorodiskii

M.D., Sc.D., immunologist, member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

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Section of Pharmacology

Valery Melik-Guseinov

M.D., Sc.D., pharmacologist, professor, lecturer at the Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy.

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Section of Pharmacology

Valery Melik-Guseinov

Valery Melik-Guseinov - Director

M.D., Sc.D., pharmacologist, professor, lecturer at the Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy.

Author of over 200 scientific papers, including reference books, monographs, manuals and textbooks, inventions and patents in the fields of pharmacognosy, plant ecology, the study of plant resources of the North of Caucasus, the chemistry of natural products and herbal medicines.

Member of the expedition surveys of the medicinal wild flora of Russia and neighboring countries.

Main area of work - development of the compositions and production technologies of medications and dietary supplements based on the medicinal plants.

  • Melik-Guseinov VV Herbal cosmetics. - M .: Dialog - MSU, 1998. - 73 p.
  • Melik-Guseinov VV Medicinal flora of the North Caucasus: In 3 vol. / Pyatigor. state. Pharmacy. Acad. - Pyatigorsk, 2001. - S. 168, S. 224, S. 229 - Russo-Dep. VINITI RAN.M .: 19.01.01, №153-in 2001.
  • VV Melik-Guseinov. Biologically active substances and environmental confinement of some promising plant flora of the North Caucasus. - Voronezh: Origins, 2002. - 119 p.
  • Melik-Guseinov VV Traditional medicine plants flora of Russia and Neighboring Countries Monograph. - Pyatigorsk Univ PyatGFA, 2005. - 663 p.
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  • Melik-Guseinov VV, Dobriev ZU Rosehip Ingushetia. Botanical and Pharmacognostic review. - Saarbrücken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing: 2011. - 137 s.
  • Melik-Guseinov VV Atlas plant in traditional medicine in Russia and neighboring countries. - Pyatigorsk: SNOW, 2011. - 607 p.
  • Melik-Guseinov VV, Parfeynikov SA, Shklzhenko VI Family Medicine. Treatment plants and traditional remedies. - Pyatigorsk: Advertising and Information Agency on CMS, 2013. - 188 p.
  • Melik-Guseinov, V. Resource Evaluation of Medicinal Flora of the North Caucasus. Monograph / VV Melik-Guseinov. - Volgograd Univ VolgGMU: 2014. - 312 p., Ill. - Bibliography .: 112 titles.
  • Melik-Guseinov VV, Rekkandt SA Phytotherapy. Guide to the use of medicinal plants in traditional and nontraditional medicine / VV Melik-Guseinov, S.A.Rekkandt. - - Volgograd Univ VolgGMU: 2014. - 600 p

Section of Endocrinology

Inna Gulyaeva

M.D., Sc.D., phatophysiologist, Head of the Department of Pathophysiology of Perm State Medical University

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Section of Endocrinology

Inna Gulyaeva

Inna Gulyaeva - Director

M.D., Sc.D., phatophysiologist, Head of the Department of Pathophysiology of Perm State Medical University M.D., Sc.D., phatophysiologist, Head of the Department of Pathophysiology of Perm State Medical University, CEO of the Clinic of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Perm.

Scientific and Professional work experience.

Inna Gulyaeva graduated from the Medical Faculty of PGMI in 1987. From 1987 to 1990 shestudied as a postgraduate at the Department of Pathological Physiology. Since 1990, she worked as an assistant, then associate professor of the department. In 2009 she defended her thesis for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the topic of "New approaches to the pharmacocorrection of nonspecific components of the pathogenesis of toxic lesions". Author of more than 130 publications, including 3 monographs, two textbooks, inventions and innovations. Regularly participates in scientific conferences and congresses, including abroad. Supervisor of graduate students and applicants reading the full course of lectures on pathophysiology for students of all faculties and clinical pathophysiology residents. Conducts workshops and seminars. Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Dentistry. CEO of the Clinic of Endocrinology and Diabetes since 2001.

Main area of work
  • The study of endothelial dysfunction, inflammation and changes in blood haemostatic parameters with autoimmune thyroiditis, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes mellitus.
  • Development of a multidisciplinary approach to the analysis of the mechanisms of action of drugs and new compounds.
Most important publications.
  • Myshkin V.A., Bakirov A.B., Sergeeva S.A., Gulyaeva I.L. Experimental correction of chemical liver lesions with pyrimidine derivatives. (Monograph). - Ufa .: DAR, 2002. - 150 p.
  • I.L. Gulyaeva, S.A.Sergeeva, V.I.Petrov. Pharmacokinetics of the group of actoprotector ethomersol // Family Health - XXI Century: Proceedings of the VI International Scientific Conference. - Perm - Dubai, 2002. - P. 41-42.
  • Gulyaeva I.L., Shustov E.B., Sergeeva S.A. Clinical pharmacokinetics // Man and Medicine: Abstracts IX Russian national congress. - M, 2002. - S.525.
  • Myshkin V.A., Ibatullina R.B., Savlukov AI, Sergeeva S.A., Gulyaev I.L. Antioxidant effects of pyrimidine derivatives and benzimidazole in acute poisoning (Monograph). - Ufa .: DAR, 2003. - 189s.
  • Gulyaeva I.L., Sergeeva S.A., MyshkinV.A. Protective effects of pyrimidine derivatives in experimental acute alcohol intoxication // Family Health - XXI Century: Proceedings of the VII International Conference - Perm (Russia) - Valletta (Malta), 2003. - S.61-62.
  • Gulyaeva .IL., Sergeeva S.A., Myshkin V.A., Petrov V.I. Effect of pyrimidine derivatives on the level of methemoglobin during intoxication with sodium nitrate .// Family Health XXI Century: Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Conference - Goa India, 2004. - P. 73- 74.
  • Gulyaeva I.L., Sergeeva S.A., Petrov V.I. Mechanisms of action and clinical experience of actoprotectors - benzimidazole derivatives // Family Health XXI Century: Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Conference - Goa, India, 2004. -S.74-77.
  • Myshkin V.A., Ibatullina R.B., Savlukov A.I., Enikeev D.A. Gulyaev IL, Sergeeva S.A. Actoprotector influence on lipid peroxidation and the state of erythrocyte membranes in rats after carbophosphate poisoning // Pathological Physiology and Experimental Therapy - 2004. - №3. - S.10-12.
  • V.A.Myshkin, D.A.Enikeev, Gulyaeva I.L., Sergeeva S.A. Effect of benzimidazole derivatives on free radical processes in vitro. (Monograph). - Ufa: ID "Churagul", 2005. - 350C.
  • Myshkin V.A., Ibatullina R.B., Gulyaeva I.L., Ekineev D.A., Sergeeva S.A. Influence of bimethyl and silymarin on lipid peroxidation, succinate and malate dehydrogenase activity in hepatocytes in experimental cirrhosis // Family Health XXI Century: Proceedings of the X International scientific conference. - Bangkok, Thailand, 2006.- pp 240-242. 
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  • Gulyaeva I.L., Sergeeva S.A. Experimental pharmacokinetics of bromethyl // Physiology and pathology of the immune system. - 2008. - № 3. - S. 3-8.
  • Gulyaeva I.L., Sergeeva S.A., Chereshnev V.A. Red blood cells as a model to study the pathogenesis and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment of chronic nitrite intoxication // Bulletin of the Ural Medical academia. - 2010, №4 (32). - S. 58-61.
  • Gulyaeva I.L., Sergeeva S.A., Chereshnev V.A. On the possibility of correction of oxidative damage in cerebral hypoxia using benzimidazole bimethyl derivatives // Bulletin of the Ural Medical academia, 2014, № 3 (49). - S. 66-68.
  • Gulyaeva I.L., A.A. Sobol, Turuntseva O.N., Stepanova T.A. Composite body composition and endothelial function in obese women during the early postmenopausal period

Section of Parasitic Diseases

Olga Lebedeva

M.D., Sc.D., professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

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Section of Parasitic Diseases


Olga Lebedeva - Director

M.D., Sc.D., professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, author of more than 20 works on the diagnosis and treatment of parasitic diseases, the author of patents, laureate of awards and medals for outstanding contributions to Russian and European medicine.

Main area of work - Clinical diagnosis of parallel parasitic forms of disease in patients with diabetes. Prevention and comprehensive rehabilitation therapy.

Most important publications.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Parasitic infestations in children. Complications .// Guidelines. Moscow, 2006.
  • Lebedev O.A. The use of Flanagan silica microclusters for therapeutic and preventive nutrition in regenerative medicine and the treatment of diseases .// Guidelines. 2006
  • Use of water Lebedeva O.A. Microcluster modifiers (microhydrin, Hydracel, Microhydrin Plus, Alka-Mine) as correctors of water-drinking regimen in clinical nutrition for chronic conditions of hypoxia and dehydration .// Guidelines. 2007.
  • Milishnikov A.N., Lebedeva O.A. Some properties of microhydrin in relation to problems of hypoxia and dehydration. Magazine for practitioners. Natural pharmacology and cosmetology №5 2006. pp.5-15.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Using a new generation of antioxidants in cardiovascular diseases .// Guidelines. 2007.
  • Chuprin A.E., Yakubovich A.I., Lebedeva O.A. Problems of diagnosis and treatment of urogenital trichomoniasis at the present stage. Proceedings of the All-Russian Congress "Man and Health". Irkutsk 2004. p.258-259.
  • Kupriyanov N.Y., Gurbadyam A. Lebedeva O.A Morphological features of parasitic inflammation. Abstracts Russia-Japan International Medical Symposium. Irkutsk 1999 p.158-159.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Influence of acid-base balance in the development of cancer .// Methodical recommendations. 2006.
  • Bolohanov SV, Lebedeva O. A.Modern trends in the diagnosis of infectious agents. Journal of Infectious Pathology. Irkutsk 2001. T.8.№2.-3. pp.84-93.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Effect of free radical stress and hypoxia on athletes .// Guidelines. Moscow 2005.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Program of metabolic rehabilitation of cancer patients on the basis of a number of biological nanocluster products.// Guidelines 2004.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Morphological identification of parasites in native human peripheral blood. New research methods.// Guidelines 2007.
  • Maslov ML, Shirinsky VA, Alekhine GG, Lebedev O. The health status of the population of a large industrial center in the conditions of anthropogenic pollution. Abstracts for the scientific and practical conference. Irkutsk 1999. pp.66-67.
  • Lagunov YV, Koroleva LM, Dudenko IP, Lebedeva O.A. The incidence of disease in preschool children - an indicator of changes in the natural and social environment. Problems of Human Ecology in Siberia. Abstracts for a regional conference. Novokuznetsk.1998. p. 11-12.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Technique of cleansing the liver based on the new generation of enterosorbents and silica modifiers of water .// Guidelines. Moscow 2007.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Children's antiparasitic program .// Guidelines. Moscow 2007.
  • Koshelskaya LL, Oradovskaya IV, Lokhov MG, Lebedeva O.A. Clinical and immunological characteristics of "at risk" groups for immune deficiency in patients with leading infectious syndrome. Actual problems of clinical medicine. / Abstracts 5 conference. Irkutsk 1998.s 126-130.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Antiparasitic program for adults on the basis of biocorrectors with a high content of silica-rich hydrogen ions .// Guidelines. Moscow 2007.
  • Lebedeva O.A. Metabolic rehabilitation program in sports medicine .// Guidelines. Moscow 2005.
  • Slepnyov A.M., Lebedeva O.A. Topical issues in haemodiagnostic of infectious agents. Journal of Infectious Pathology. Irkutsk.2001, TA-8-№2-3. p. 84-93.


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