Common Uses

Besides the above medicinal properties, according to the Plant Resources of South East Asia (PROSEA), this plant is also used in Africa, where the boiled leaves are applied externally to relieve general body pains and raw leaves for rheumatic pains. Dried and pounded leaves are mixed with oil and applied as a poultice to treat skin complaints. It also used for the treatment of kidney problems and dysentery.

Longevity Spinach (gynura procumbens) can be eaten fresh like a salad, stir fried with other vegetables, juiced, and also enjoyed as a cup of tea. It has a very mild, delicious taste.
There are several methods for consumption of Gynura Procumbens. There is no straight and fast rule on method to consume Gynura Procumbens. According to what I have heard from the patients taking it, I shall suggest 3 methods for the preparation of Gynura Procumbens before consumption.

  1.   The most effective way - EAT IT RAW. Wash the Gynura Procumbens leaf before consumption. The extracts of the leaf is proven to be the substance that can reduce the sugar level in the blood. To absorb the supplement directly from eating it raw is a highly recommended method of consumption.
  2.   Dry the leaves and consume like tea. Gynura Procumbens leaves can be sun-dried and preserved like tea leaves. However, as mentioned earlier, the extracts of the leaves are the vital extract for this supplement; this method may not be as effective as the earlier one mentioned above.
  3.  Soaked the leaves into alcohol and preserved it. Consume the leaves as required. I personally never recognized and recommend this method. Diabetes Mellitus patients are highly likely to suffer from kidney failure as a side effect. However, alcohol is never a intake for kidney. This is why I strongly discourage patients from using this method despite it is widely used by many.
Take 5-6 leaves of each, rinse well and mix with salad or blend them with fruits as smoothies. The amount of consumption may vary by the body size (bigger build, needs more). For the best when empty stomach twice a day for at least 3 weeks to two months.

For cancer, it is recommended to eat fresh leaves to relieve uncomfortable and burn due to chemotherapy or radiation. For diabetes and high blood pressure, take 10-15 leaves daily or until you see the great result. It is advised to monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar closely to see the changes while you are taking the herbs.

As a cosmetic mask

Lubricate the skin of the face and body and scalp by freshly brewed and cooled tea sachets of Gynura 1 - 2 times a day. New quality skin feels after 3 minutes after application of the oily liquid from a sachet and remains for several hours. The effect of this mask has been noticed by Russian dermatologists at the people suffering from dermatitis of various etiologies, acne, eczema, psoriasis, verucca, mycosis.

For oral care

After drinking tea, wipe the gums and tongue by freshly brewed and cooled tea sachet 2-3 times daily for 1 - 3 weeks. Cyprus dentists noticed the beneficial effects of water extracts of Gynura in patients suffering from gingivitis, stomatitis, and leukoplakia

Gynura tea - Dried leaves of Gynura Procumbens

  • One tea spun of dried Gynura put to the little casserol
  • Put in 250 ml of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes
  • Separate from the leaves and drink hot or warm. Remaining leaves could be eaten.

Tip. Tea efficiency is much higher, when distilled/purified water is used.


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